Getting Started with OviPro API

Just follow these simple steps and you will be on your way.

1. Identify your integration scenario

– Use Marketing API to fetch published realties or
– Integrate with WordPress plugin (to be published)


2. Before you begin development

Before you can start using OviPro API, your organization needs to have a contract with OviPro or with and/or OviPro APIs are provided with a fair use policy.

3. Go-live checklist

  • You need to get at minimum one API account with credentials.
    This user is needed for the API client to authenticate the API usage.
  • Each API request to OviPro API requires a valid JWT token.
  • Store your API credentials in a secure place
  • Verify that all the expected and unexpected errors are properly handled.
  • You can find the API error responses for each endpoint from the API Reference.
  • Identify and test not only the sunny day scenarios but also the rainy day scenarios with edge cases.
  • When building the integration, review the logging especially for the error situations.
  • Make sure that your create a unique Request-ID for each request and also log this identifier as part of your solution. The Request-ID helps to troubleshoot the solution in case of error situations.
  • Design the data flow with OviPro API so that the API requests are reasonable: just enough details with good enough frequency.